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2019 June - The Frecce Tricolori in Ravenna

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Chills in Punta Marina (RA) for the Frecce Tricolori show that designed the longest tricolor in the world on the notes of Nessun Dorma. The national acrobatic team, the flagship of the Italian air force, drew 200 thousand spectators to the seaside resort of Ravenna, for the event organized by Raisport in collaboration with the Italian Air Force, dedicated to the Frecce Tricolori and the world of aviation. 12 cameras and numerous wireless systems installed on a set a few kilometers along the shoreline, have given rise to a spectacular television broadcast. Those who could not attend the MB339 Pan closely, consoled themselves with the live broadcast on Rai 1, with the evolution of numerous military and civil aircraft and helicopters. Three hours of entertainment that ideally retraced the last hundred years of the history of flight: from the Spad of Francesco Baracca, to the main helicopters and latest generation fighter aircraft supplied to the Armed Forces and Armed Corps of the State. It was an event dedicated to flying in all its facets. Air rescue demonstrations, parachute jumps, high performance fighters used for national air defense. Grand finale with the ten MB339 of the National Aerobatic Team of the Frecce Tricolori.