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2020 November - Alleanza Assicurazioni Convention

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Filmmaster Events has created the Alleanza Assicurazioni 2021 convention. A production between TV format and digital experience for an audience of 12,000 consultants .

"Alleanza Assicurazioni gave us the opportunity to inaugurate 2021 with a visionary event, of great significance, in which we were able to fully exploit the Filmmaster approach based on creative thinking in support of contents and on the realization capacity of our team also in the new post Covid world ”- said Andrea Francisi, General Manager of Filmmaster Events. "Restarting from a theater then is an even more important emotion, because it represents a sign of hope for the entire supply chain".

Thus was born "Those who orange wears", which was held on Tuesday 26 January 2021 by the Teatro Gerolamo in Milan: a mix between a television event and a digital experience, which transformed the classic annual convention into an event during which Alleanza's management and 12,000 insurance consultants explored the plans for 2021 through the stories of the protagonists in the competition. A connected audience, which appears live in the scenography, and which was able - thanks to the technological platform adopted - to appreciate the interventions, interact, vote and be rewarded.