September 25, 2021

Monday, 04 October 2021

MONCLER entrusted ONE TV with all the Broadcasting activities of the event, throughout five cities in the world as its theater that was broadcasted on over 30 platforms including social media, e-tailer and websites.

This is why we designed, built and managed the technological infrastructure for the production of the show which has been seen by over 299 million people worldwide and which has recorded 2.3 billion contacts. Thirty-seven minutes of live broadcast with bidirectional connections between the various stages around the world. Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, New York and Milan. From the latter, the show's main hub, Alicia Keys interacted live with Victoria Song in Shanghai. The connection of the various venues distributed throughout the world as well as the Milan ones was possible thanks to a sophisticated optical fiber infrastructure that allowed us to reduce transmission latency with the use of innovative coding systems created by our R&D department.

ONE TV in collaboration with DELAMAISON also managed the infrastructure for the contribution of all media contents, creating a dedicated cluster-network for data cross region replication based on AWS-S3STORAGE services.

The connectivity was created in collaboration with FASTWEB for the national circuits and with TATA COMMUNICATION group which used its video-backbone for international connections. ONE TV and TATA COMMUNICATION have been collaborating for years for the worldwide distribution of content made for MotoGP.