VNL 2021 It is ... On Air

The great numbers of ONE TV production. Sunday, 30 May 2021

On May 24th, the VNL tournament took place, which this year takes place entirely at the Rimini Fair. In time of Covid, FIVB organized the great demonstration within a large health bubble. This is a great organizational and productive effort that sees our company committed to the supply of all the facilities and all the technical and editorial staff. In addition to the three ObVans and the 118 technicians, ONE TV also took care of the supply of the directors (Nello Isola and Angelo Carosi), the assistants (Maurizio Quattrini and Franco Scotton), coordinated all the activities of the graphics, transmission and energy supply of the imposing TV Compound, with partners MOVICOM, NETCO, EI TOWERS, INFRONT and ROADEVENTS.

The numbers that summarize ONE TV's activity for the most challenging event of the 2021 season are impressive.

  • 41 continuous days of production
  • 578 total hours of live broadcast
  • 248 matches in total
  • 8 daily meetings
  • 27 linked countries
  • 3 OBVANs committed
  • 118 technicians and employees