POMERIGGIO CINQUE (Afternoon five) Canale 5's television series aired since 2008 and hosted by Barbara D’Urso has reached its eleventh edition. For ten years broadcast by the Milan studios, it will "move" to the theater 4 at Cinecittà in Rome. Barbara D’Urso will remain connected with the Milan studios, where the formula remains the same: the first part is dedicated to live coverage, while the second part is dedicated to gossip. Also this year the "social" segment hosts "The Pomeriggio 5 tutorials": "Councils of the House" with Morena Funari, "Nature in the head" with Chicco Nalli, "Beauty & Wellness" with Alessia Prete, "Home cooking "With Alberto Mezzetti," Cucina svuotafrigo "with Paola Galloni and" Palestra in casa "with Laura Forgia.

The technical realization was entrusted to ONE, which will employ its own staff and the unit15, once again confirming itself as a point of reference also in the entertainment segment.